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Why Is Everyone Dragging JLo’s ”Love Don’t Cost A Thing” Challenge” ???

Maybe it is not the best time to do this challenge??



So, here’s what exactly happened. This past weekend saw the anniversary of a very important music-related moment in pop culture history—Jennifer Lopez‘s iconic hit “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” hit 20-year-old. Seriously it’s that long OMG. 

And to celebrate the milestone, J.Lo decided to created the #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge. While the idea was great in theory, the execution was rather…flawed. In the challenge video, J.Lo quite literally tosses her jacket and expensive jewelry on a sandy beach. IDK if J.Lo noticed, but this challenge is a little questionable.

J.Lo’s followers didn’t seem quick to jump on the bandwagon of chucking their possessions away and instead had some very valid Qs for her. “You want us all to rush to the beach in a pan de queso [pandemic] to have our friends film us throwing away good jewelry? I’m so confused.” 

Another Twitter user wrote, while another user hilariously replied, “We are in a panini [pandemic], still haven’t gotten our second stimmy [stimulus] & you want us to go out & throw our shit away in the sand?!?”

Ummmmm yikes Jenny!! They’re right tho. This is not the time to be tossing away jewelleries. Anyway, regarding the ‘’Love Don’t Cost A Thing’’ 20-years-anniversary?? We all can agree that song really SLAPS right? So lemme jam to that song out loud BRB!!!

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