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“Why Is That A Problem?”; Local Actor Addresses His SOP Breach At Charity Event

“When the video goes viral like that and those who don’t know the actual story bash me..”



Fair enough?


Only intending to do good for those who are needy, singer and actor Awie addressed the viral video that showed him breaching MCO SOPs at a charity event. The 53-year-old actor, who was met by the media, said that he already gave a statement to authorities regarding the case and was grateful for the kind treatment he received from the police.



The singer from Wings (a Malaysian rock band) continued to clarify what actually happened during the event that focused on celebrating trishaw riders, single mothers, orphans, and other individuals who were otherwise met with unfortunate circumstances.


“From the angle of the video it does look like we’re close together, but actually there is social distancing. Why would I want to make a fool out of myself. I have a child at home that I need to take care of. I’m just celebrating them (the needy). Whether they’re trishaw riders who are Muslim or not, single mothers, orphans or tahfiz students, we just want to celebrate them. Why is that a problem?” 


The 42-second video shared on Twitter by user @syahid_azizan showed an iftar event that was a side event to Datuk Awie’s Humanitarian Mission with Sayap Sayap Wings that happened in Melaka on the 7th of May.




Awie, who was recently blessed with a sixth child,  added that he just wanted to send good vibes to those involved in the event.


The Iris singer also said that the event was held under proper SOPs that were set by the government, such as the use of the MySejahtera application, checking of temperatures, record books and so on.


“It was just that moment of 30 seconds. I was standing there to celebrate them. They’ve never been acknowledged by an artist. I wanted to do that so they could be happy like us for the perfect raya. After our meal, they asked me to sing but I couldn’t deliver as there was no equipment for it to happen.”


“The hotel management played the Penjara Janji song and they stood up while singing and recording the scene. I followed suit and celebrated together. But there was social distancing. After that, I asked them to sit down and follow the SOP. But what can I do when the video goes viral like that and those who don’t know the actual story bash me..”


Awie ended the interview there.


Regardless of whether he actually did breach the SOPs or not, it’s a good reminder to everyone to always be wary of and to abide by the SOPs. Remember, stopping the virus is a mass effort.


*Cover Image Credits: / Twitter @syahid_azizan


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