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Yuna Deletes and Reuploads A “Controversial” Photo On Instagram

“Had to repost this again minus all the misleading comments from you all.”



It’s tough being a celebrity!


All Yuna did was post an artistic photo of her holding up a vase full of flowers. Unfortunately, that picture soon became “controversial”. This is because, in the same photo, netizens seemed to think that her tummy was…’bulging’…and that was all that it took for netizens to assume that the R&B songstress was pregnant. 



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The misleading comments kept stacking up, causing the 34-year-old to decide to take down the post. But, in true Yuna fashion, she re-uploaded the post with an entirely different, poignant and powerful caption.


She wrote:


“Had to repost this again minus all the misleading comments from y’all. I’m not pregnant yet, that was just my lunch tummy. (But) keep praying though 🙏🏽!! Thanks! Also, maybe avoid leaving comments like “omg congrats!!!” without any confirmation on someone’s photos… It might be sensitive for those who are trying, those who are not in a position to have a baby, those are still finding stability before bringing a human into the world🙏🏽❤️ Much love and Ramadan Kareem, may we all be better people moving forward🥰”


“Cut the unnecessary s*** out,” Yuna Has An IMPORTANT Message For 2021


Yuna tied the knot with filmmaker Adam Sinclair back in 2018. The two lovebirds met for the first time when they filmed a music video that Yuna starred in. 

 “She had become quite famous, quite quickly,” said the groom. “I was just a production assistant.”




The gorgeous, fairytale wedding saw Yuna dressed in beautiful traditional Perak-styled ivory white bridal creation by renowned Malaysian fashion designer Hatta Dolmat. Yuna’s beloved father, Datuk Mat Zara’ai Alias, serenaded the happy couple on their wedding day by performing the romantic ballad ‘Perfect’ by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, as well as a Latin rock number ‘Corazon Espinado’ which was made popular by the legendary Santana. 


*Cover image via Instagram @yuna 

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