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3 Times Blair Waldorf Showed The Upper East Side Who’s ‘Queen B’

Bow down, peasants!



Good evening, Upper East Siders (and everyone else)!

The days go by and the years stack up, but Gossip Girl is still here watching over you, so don’t get too comfortable. And guess who still reigns over us as we speak? That’s right — Blair Waldorf. 

Just in case you forget the power she holds (how dare you???), let’s recount the top three moments when our Queen B showed who’s in charge around here, shall we?


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That time she banished Georgina Sparks

As apathetic and (sometimes) evil as Blair is, she protects those she holds dear to her heart, and she protects them aggressively

For a long time, Georgina Sparks held a threat from the past over Serena’s head and scared her off into leaving without saying goodbye. This caused Blair to resent Serena for a pretty long time, thinking her best friend had abandoned her but once she discovered that Georgina was behind the whole thing…Blair stepped up (with Georgina’s parents in tow) to whisk her away to boot camp!

Blair said it herself: There’s room for only one crazy b**** around here. 


That time she banished Jenny Humphrey 

This is a rather sad one, though. 

Blair and Chuck had had a tumultuous relationship for years. Every single obstacle under the sun had come in their way, and just when they thought they had managed to survive all odds stacked against them, Dan Humphrey barreled in with bad news regarding his sister Jenny and Chuck. 

Enraged, Blair banished both of them and threatened to destroy Jenny if she ever set foot in Manhattan ever again. 


That time when she filed a restraining order against Carter Baizen

Once again, Blair to the rescue!

Blair was worried that Carter and Serena were spending way too much time together and began a devious plan to keep him away. Carter was a troubled character, and she was worried about it rubbing off on her best friend. 

Showcasing her conniving abilities, Blair decided to get a restraining order against Carter for herself instead of Serena. She reasoned that she would be by Serena’ side “at all times”, effectively keeping Carter away from the both of them!


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Be careful. You don’t wanna get on her bad side! And if you do, you might not live to tell the tale…


*Cover image via CBS Television Distribution 

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