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Tears & Peace: New Korean Reality Show Requires Divorced Couples To Live Together Again

Ever wondered what happens when once-married-now-divorced couples are forced to face each other again?



Anyone who has been through a breakup before can attest to this: it’s not something one can do without feeling some sort of way. The emotional and psychological aftermath of a relationship and the subsequent breakup can last for years on end. Now, imagine what these side effects would be like for married couples who make the difficult decision to call it quits after building a life together. Unfortunately, divorce rates have been on a constant, upward trend for decades now.  With that being said, it’s no surprise that marriage rates are declining in some countries this day and age. However, the stigma and prejudice against divorcees have not changed as rapidly as the rate of divorce has been increasing. Many divorcees say they feel ashamed and feel a sense of failure as a result of their relationships ending. Now, a South Korean reality TV show is about to give us a glimpse into what it’s post-divorce. The premise of the show is that it’s…


“The first in Korea to tell – with real stories –  if divorced couples can be friends when given time for forgiveness and healing.”


TV Chosun, a South Korean television network and broadcasting company, aims to get rid of this stigma by showing the effects of divorce on the individuals involved through a new reality TV series aptly titled, ‘We Got Divorced’.  The title is a clever play on the name of an older, successful series known as ‘We Got Married’, which aired on a different network (MBC) from 2008 to 2017. The show featured multiple celebrities who were coupled up and made to pretend to be married couples while completing different challenges together. While much of ‘We Got Married’ was planned in order to bring out the premise of the show, it seems that ‘We Got Divorced’ aims to show a more realistic side of divorce. ‘We Got Married’ featured MCs who would comment on the prerecorded material that is then played back to them and it looks like ‘We Got Divorced’ will be taking a similar direction. The show is to be hosted by 49-year-old comedian and TV host Shin Dong Yeop Shin alongside actress and TV presenter Kim Won Hee. It is set to air later this month on the 20th of November.



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As for the participants of the new reality show, two couples are set to make up the initial line up. Amongst them are veteran actors Lee Young Ha and Sunwoo Eun Sook, who were married for 26 years from 1981 to 2007. The pair have two sons together and have since remained amicable following their separation. Also to appear in the episode is Beauty Youtuber Yoo Catnip and her now ex-husband, Choi Go Gi. The pair were married for four years before getting divorced only seven months ago.


Watch the teaser here (unfortunately, the video does not have English subtitles just yet!):



*Cover image credits: TV Chosun

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