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Lucifer Season 6, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Finale

The devil will return for a sixth and final season. like, FINAL final



While fans are eagerly anticipating Lucifer season 5 part 2which is due to be released at some point this year, of course the sixth and final season is also on our minds. While season 5 was set to be the end of the hit drama, last summer Netflix broke the news that it would, in fact, return for a further (final) season.

It was confirmed in a surprise tweet, “The devil made us do it. #Lucifer will return for a sixth and final season. Like, FINAL final.’’ So, what’s in store for the epic drama and the Prince of Lies? Here’s what we know so far about Lucifer season 6.

What’s the Lucifer season 6 plot?

We know through interviews that Henderson and Modrovich gave that the sixth season of Lucifer wasn’t on the cards. They told EW: “It was very, very similar to when we went from 10 episodes to 16,” Henderson said. “[We were] like, ‘No, this is perfect. If we do this, it’ll ruin everything! Then three days later, you’re like, ‘Wait, how could we not have done this?'”


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Creating another season gave them the opportunity to dive deeper into the storylines and “really explore how our characters end up where they ended up.” The pair also teased that Lucifer season 6 will delve into current social issues. “When we got back to the (writers’) room, we started looking at the fact that we’re a cop show and in what ways have we contributed or not addressed the systemic issues of the police department,” said Modrovich, the episode’s writer.

When will Lucifer season 6 be released?

We have to be honest with you here, the Lucifer gang are pretty hush-hush about timings. As you know, we’re still awaiting an official release date for the second half of season five BUT we know they have been busy filming the finale.

In October co-showrunner Joe Henderson tweeted: “Today is our first day of shooting #Lucifer season 6! So happy we’ve finished up season 5, and we will be working our buns off to get it finished and to Netflix! Thanks to our incredible cast and crew for working hard and safe and delivering a kickass finale!!”

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