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Should You Watch ‘‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’? Here’s What To Expect

Is the spin-off as good as the OG?




‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ explores life 10 years after zombies first showed up and the outbreak changed the world as they (the original motley crew lead by police officer Rick Grimes) know it. This time, the third spin-off in ‘The Walking Dead’ franchise, is less adult-focused and instead has a group of young adults navigating a post-post-apocalyptic world.



In this new world, the past decade may have eradicated a lot of the population but a few communities have managed to survive the outbreak. At this point in time, the outbreak has been normalised and people seem to have accepted that there is a chance that they would eventually turn into ’empties’ (yeap, zombies have their own ‘millennial term’ and are now known as ’empties’) and need to be cut down. As such, it is possible for those in these thriving communities to function as normally as they can, with schools and therapists and the lot. Amongst these communities, we’re shown the one our two protagonist sisters – Iris and Hope – are a part of: the Nebraska Campus Colony. The colony has been getting the help of the Civic Republic Military, a shady, secretive organization that has taken the girls’ father to use him in their work. It is evident from the get-go that the Civic Republic seems to be calling the shots. However, the sisters – who have been communicating with their father via an illegal setup that they have hidden in their school – soon find themselves embarking on a mission to find their father and are joined by two others their age (Elton and Silas).



Going back to the Civic Republic – now, fans of the OG ‘Walking Dead’ series may recognise the three-circle symbol that the Civic Republic carries. ‘World Beyond’ explores the organisation that are linked Rick Grimes disappearance seven years ago (remember, ‘World Beyond’ is years after the original series). They show up in the final season of the prequel to ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’.



This new series is similar to its predecessor as it too explores the idea that it is not the zombies that one should be way off, but the conscious people who are willing to do anything to survive. However, in comparison to the original series, the ‘World Beyond’ has the same hopeful tone that a lot of dystopian young adult series (like ‘Divergent’ and ‘The Hunger Games’) seem to have. So while we watch the young group navitage the outside world, we’re also watching them navigate the normal young adult, coming of age issues (just… with zombies thrown into the mix). So if that’s right up your alley, ‘World Beyond’ may give you just the right zombie fix!



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