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Song Kang Steps Into Ballet Shoes For A New Role

Catch his performance in this new heart-warming drama!



Song Kang, a South Korean actor, is gracing our digital screens again with a new show called Navillera!


The 26-year-old heartthrob immersed himself in the art of ballet for almost six months in order to prepare for the role. 


In a virtual press conference to promote the show, he said,


“I had a lot of concerns about taking on the role of a ballerino. It was important to pay attention to the overall lines of the body. I learned ballet for about five to six months. Rather than any high-level or expert skills, I focused on lines and details. I’m an actor and I like seeing my body change, so I had fun doing it.”


Navillera tells the story of a headstrong young dancer who found his calling in ballet after trying out many different sports. Stuck in a financial rut, he toys with the idea of giving up ballet until he meets a 70-year-old retiree Deok-chul, played by Park In-Hwan. Their serendipitous meeting has helped them inspire one another and persevere in order to live out their dreams.




The premise of this show is the two men’s passion for ballet, despite the judgement and obstacles that come their way. 


Prior to this, Song Kang has made waves with Sweet Home and Love Alarm, both of which debuted on Netflix while Park In-Hwan is mostly noted for his compelling performance as a middle-aged father in The Quiet Family. And guess who played one of his adult children? Song Kang!


These two have obviously been acquainted and with great on-screen chemistry, there is no doubt their next collaboration in Navillera will be pitch-perfect as well. 


Airing new episodes twice a week on Netflix, the show will be running until April 27th!


*Cover image via Metro Style

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