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Selamat Hari Raya


The Most *Romantic* Scenes In The History of K-Drama




*Spoilers ahead for 'Crash Landing On You', 'Hotel Del Luna', and 'Legend of the Blue Sea'.


K-Dramas never shy away from tugging at our heartstrings and turning our insides into mush with how romantic their characters can get. Sure, some of them are probably not realistic and will never happen — but one can dream, right?


1. Crash Landing On You

These two lovers were forced apart when Jung-hyuk went into custody before Se-ri could see him. Taking matters into her own hands, she races to get to Jung-hyuk before he is taken away, tears streaming down her face. Jung-hyuk tells her to stop running, before breaking down himself and crossing the border to catch her in his arms.

And yes, this is when he finally gets to tell her: “I love you.”


2. Hotel del Luna

Man-Wol decides to cross over into the afterlife without help from Reaper, so Chan-sung makes the decision to accompany her to the tunnel’s entrance. He wipes her tears away, promising that he will not be lonely without her. And then she said :

“Let’s meet in our next lives, no matter what. Okay?”


The scene ends with Man-wol giving Chan-sung one last smile…before letting go of his hand and making her way into the tunnel. Uh-oh. Here comes the waterworks.


3. Legend of the Blue Sea

Chung receives a bullet in the back, in the arms of Joon-jae. As she fades, her thoughts can be heard saying:


“Even if I’m not with you, I’ll keep loving you.”


In the ambulance on the way to the hospital, Joon-jae continues to scream desperately at her to say, tears streaming down his face, but her eyes just wouldn’t open.


Oh, to love and be loved, to such extent. *sighs*


*Cover image via tvN

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