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Top 5 K-Drama Boyfriends That Set The Bar Too High

We can dream, can’t we?



Can you blame us? We can’t help ourselves! These men are not only pleasing to the eye, they are also the very definition of *perfection*…

Here we have listed for you the top 5 K-Drama boyfriends for you to swoon (and cry) over.


1. Lee Gun: You Are My Destiny  

Played by Jang Hyuk, Lee Gun is a charming and charismatic character that just demands attention every time he’s onscreen. It took some time for him to realise his feelings for Kim Mi Young, played beautifully by Jang Nara, but once he did…boy, there is no turning back! 


2. Lee Young: Love in the Moonlight 

Park Bo-gum plays the crown prince Lee Young in this historical drama. Despite facing immense pressure as a leader, he always, always remains graceful and remains humble. His love and loyalty know no boundaries, not once does he exploit his powers to cause harm!


3. Joo Won: Secret Garden

Hyun Bin’s charisma is as compelling as ever as Joo Won, the rich CEO of a  department store. If that itself is not a dream attribute to have in a boyfriend, it gets better! Joo Won falls head over heels with Gil Ra Im, played by Ha Ji Won, and just like that, he is transformed from being an arrogant guy to becoming the sweetest guy ever.


4. Jung Joon-hyun: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo  

Oh, look at that gorgeous mop of hair!

Nam Joo Hyuk plays Jung Joon-hyung, who rediscovers his childhood friend Kim Bok-joo, played by Lee Sung Kyung, and inevitably falls in love with her — hard. He buries a deep trauma regarding his mother, and only Bok-joo knows how to make him feel better.  Aww


5. Noh Ji-wook: Suspicious Partner

In this drama, Ji-wook, played by Ji Chang Wook, is suffering from a deep trauma involving the death of his parents. Things take a very difficult turn when he finds out that Eun Bong Hee’s father, the woman he is in love with, might have had a hand in setting the fire that killed his parents.

If only their circumstances were just a little bit different…


Who’s your K-Drama boyfriend? Let us know in the comments below!


*Cover image via Number Three Pictures (N3) 

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