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Watch Miranda Cosgrove Recreate This ICONIC iCarly Meme For The Revival

She knows what she’s doing to us.



Miranda Cosgrove has fans going crazy!

The new opening sequence for the upcoming iCarly reboot was just released, and it features a new iconic moment, one that mirrors a younger Cosgrove sitting in front of her computer with a soda can, smiling mischievously. Aside from a set of manicured nails and a more adult hairstyle (and a cooler computer), nothing else has changed! 

In the video, you might get flooded by nostalgia when you hear the theme song — because it’s exactly the same as the one from the original! Titled “Leave It All To Me”, Cosgrove said she fought to keep it exactly the same although they did toy with the idea of re-recording it. 

“I fought so hard to keep the original theme song. We went around a bunch of times, thinking of maybe re-recording the same song now or doing a different song,” she revealed. “But, for me, when I watch revivals, I always am hoping for the original theme song and I feel like none of them ever really stick with the original. So we ended up going with the same one in the end.”


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The opening sequence of course re-introduces the cast who are reprising their roles – Miranda Cosgrove as the titular character, Jerry Trainor as her older brother and legal guardian, and Nathan Kress as her good friend and neighbour (and the producer of iCarly) – at the start of each episode.

However, Jenette McCurdy, who played one of Carly’s closest friends Sam Puckett, will not be returning but fans are assured that her absence will be addressed!

Why Isn’t Sam In The ‘iCarly’ Reboot?!


*Cover image via Nickelodeon Productions

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