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10 Iconic TV And Movie Moments That Were Unplanned

Bridesmaids wouldn’t be the same without the iconic food-poisoning scene



The  Some of the most iconic TV and movie moments actually weren’t even part of the original scripts. It could be the slightest of things such as a pronunciation of a certain word that only the character does or a brawl that was never planned in production, whic resulted in elevating the film!

So here are some of the most memorable on-screen moments that weren’t scripted:

1. KJ Apa’s painful ice-punch – Riverdale

2. Jason Segel didn’t know his character’s father was going to die – How I Met Your Mother 

3. This famous tag line wasn’t actually in the original script – Jaws

4. Viggo Mortensen broke his toes during his big kick in – Lord of The Rings

5. The cats – The Godfather

6. Millie Bobby Brown was genuinely exhausted in episode “The Sauna Test” – Stranger Things

7. The iconic food-poisoning scene wasn’t in the original script – Bridesmaids

8. The jump-scare earned a genuine reaction from the actors – The Haunting of Hill House 

9. The Dancing scene in came from a conversation with Ryan Gosling – Crazy, Stupid, Love

10. Most of Schmidt’s pronunciations were spur in the moment plans


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