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5 Best Places To Satisfy Your Cendol Cravings In The Klang Valley

There’s always a place in the heart for a good old-fashioned local dessert



Although today’s generation may have been exposed to more eccentric offerings of desserts like gelato and soft serve, if you’re a Malaysian by the roots, you will know that nothing, I mean nothing, beats a fresh bowl of cendol on a hot, sunny day. 

To make it more refreshing, some cendol eateries in Malaysia have come up with their own twist to the desserts—so each bowl varies from vendor to vendor. To help you find the perfect cendol spots, we list out 5 eateries that serve Malaysian own ice-cold bowls in the Klang Valley that you can raid.

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1. Ah Keong ABC & Ice Cendol

Bear in mind, Ah Keong’s ABC & Ice Cendol have their own cult of followers, which means they are arguably one of the best places to get both cendol and ABC. Located next to 7-Eleven at the vibrant street of Brickfields, this is definitely one of the most popular cendol stalls to visit on a hot, sunny day. But be warned, you might have to endure a long wait or queue before getting your hands on them. So, make sure to be early. 

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2. Kwong Wah Ice Kacang 

Nestled at the Ground Floor, Happy Mansion, Section 17this gem not only offers finely shaved-iced loaded with thick gula melaka syrup and coconut milk, but they also have Ice Kacang and other light snacks like Mee Siam and Nasi Lemak on the menu as well, make it a perfect spot for your next lepak sesh. Here’s a little secret, they use authentic gula melaka in their servings, which is a secret family recipe that has been passed down since 1939! 

3. Rojak & Cendol Mustaffa

It’s very easy to spot this iconic and popular vendor in the heart of PJ townswith crowded people enjoying the food around the truck, you can’t help but to stop by the side of street along Jalan 7/21 just to get the taste of that creamy coconut milk, paired with extra thick and juicy pandan worms. While the cendol’s shaved ice is thinner and easy in the mouth, the Rojak on the other hand, is so filling, and the peanut sauce is done just-the-right-way. 

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4. Cendol Durian Runtuh 

No doubt the King of fruit had this special place in our hearts. Located at Lorong Raja Bot, Chow Kit, this is one of the most reputable stalls in KL that serves up a big yummy bowl of cendol with fleshy pieces of durian on top. The stall usually operates until 3am, oh, did we mention that this stall has a decent view of the Petronas Twin Tower? Definitely worth every penny. 

5. Baba Low’s

If you’re a fan of Baba Nyonya, Baba Low’s is a place to go! This affordable hot spot in Bangsar Utama will grant you the total feel of eating freshly cooked food straight from you Grandma’s kitchen—especially their cendol. All individual components come together in perfect balance, with just enough and not too much of everything. The slight saltiness to the santan gives it just a little something that will have you ordering another bowl, or two. 

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