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Digital Detox: 3 Reasons To Starts Now

Unplugging helps us maintain a healthy balance between IRL activities and the digital world



What Is a Digital Detox? A digital detox alludes to a timeframe during which an individual stops from using any sort of electronic devices connected to the Internet, like smartphones or even a computer. Digital detox is an opportunity to diminish pressure or stress and help you become more present to your actual surroundings—nature, emotions, feelings. It can likewise help forestall addiction to devices. 


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Yes, digital devices have their upsides. They can improve effectiveness, making our life and communication much more convenient, however, if we constantly spend our time online, we have less time to spend doing real word activities that we enjoy. Not to mention, we spend less time with the people we love. 

Though, according to a recent study, an increasing body of research is examining how online activity and digital media consumption affect both mental and physical health. Here’s 3 reasons why you should start digital detox now. 

1.  You’ll sleep better 

That blue light is a high-vitality light that emulates daylight which keeps us awake around nighttime. By switching off your devices in the hours before sleeping, you’ll see that you rest much better.

2. Your relationship with others can improve 

By removing technology you can give those you love your full attention and actually enjoy their company. Relationships of all types will deepen and improve as a result.

3. You will realise social media isn’t everything

With an ever-growing addiction to our smartphones, so does our obsession towards social media. When we decide to switch off from online networking, we’ll start to feel less on edge, more joyful and you’ll have more opportunity to spend with yourself.

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