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Five Feel Good Movies To Binge On Netflix

When you want to watch something that will leave you in a good mood



Let’s face it, we all have our off days and that’s okay! Sometimes you just want to forget about all that is going on and immerse in the world of cinema instead. Well, we have compiled a list of five feel good movies you can binge on next time you want to feel light hearted.


1. Always Be My Maybe

This cute film starring Ali Wong and Randall Park in the lead roles; follows childhood sweethearts who have a fight and don’t talk to each other for 15 years. They reconnect as adults when they run into each other in San Francisco only to realise that they despite there still being an attraction between the two – they live in different worlds.


2. New Year’s Eve

This movie which features a star studded cast including Ashton Kutcher, Robert Deniro and more follow the intertwining lives of different individuals residing in New York city and  their pursuit of finding happiness around the time of New Year’s Eve.

3. La La Land

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosliogn potray the lead roles in this film where they are both drawn to each other because of their similar goals and dreams. However as the movie progresses, the very dreams that they both worked so hard for threatens to split them apart.

4. Set It Up

This romantic features Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell who star as two overworked assistants who have just about had it with their demanding bosses played by Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu. The two then plot on how to get their bosses to tone down and take it easy by setting both of them up with each other.

5. Lady Bird

This coming of age films features Saoirse Ronan as the lead role and namesake of the film title. The movie follows her as she navigates her senior year in high school along with her relationship with her family.

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