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Haunted Local Hotels You Might Want To Stay Away From…




These hotels may look pretty but you might want to think twice before making a reservation…if you know what I mean. 

Let’s check out the sinister stories behind these holiday hotspots!


1. Mandarin Pacific Hotel in Kuala Lumpur 

Located at No 2-8, Jalan Sultan, Chinatown (in case you’re interested and would like to drop by) the Mandarin Pacific Hotel is easily accessible and looms in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 

So, the story is, an old man who had a long-term agreement with the hotel passed away alone and was not discovered until his body started decomposing. From that day onwards, guests started hearing the sounds of furniture and doors creaking on their own. They even hear the sound of marbles bouncing, which in Malay folklores is a pretty sure sign that there are ‘entities’ lurking about. 

A guest who checked into that hotel room moved out immediately, and since then, no one has been allowed to book that room. 

2. Corus Paradise Resort in Port Dickson 

Boasting 200 rooms, this resort is only 35 minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Upon entering the hotel, many guests complain of smelling strange odours and an overall spooky vibe surrounding the place. The walls also have strange watermarks, as if the building had once been flooded or submerged underwater. 

The other towers on the other hand are completely vacant with the lights turned off, even at night. The paints are also worn out, making it look terrifyingly abandoned…and for what reason? 

3. Tambun Inn Ipoh

Sitting at Jalan Raja Dihilir, Ipoh in Perak, The Tambun Inn is considered a tourist destination in Malaysia. Only 3-stories high, it is also situated near a…um, cemetery. 

This hotel has so many ghost stories attached to it. Some guests share their horrifying experience of sleeping in one room and waking up in another room instead. There are also whispering sounds that seem to come out of nowhere, along with strange crying noises along the corridors. 

There is also an apparition of an old woman inside and around the premises, as well as a little girl in a blue dress. According to an urban legend, a green goblin is seen wandering on the third floor. *shudders*

4. First World Hotel in Genting Highland 

Located in the Las Vegas of Malaysia, the First World Hotel is the largest and most popular hotel in Genting Resort with colourful towers and more than 6,000 rooms. 

Legend has it that over the years, unlucky (and most likely desperate) gamblers commit suicide in this hotel. Ghosts are often seen jumping off the cliff and disappearing mid-air, loitering in corridors, or…hovering…outside of windows. It is also said that the entire 21st floor of the hotel is haunted and the elevator never stops at the floor. 

Ghosts who met their demise in landslide and road accidents also are said to linger in these buildings, making it a supernatural hotspot. With so many walking dead around, will you be able to tell who’s alive and who’s not?


*Cover image via Agoda/ Agoda

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