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I’ll Be There For You! The Ten Best Moments From The TV Series Friends

Looking back at some moments from everyone’s fave TV show.




The cult TV series that first started airing twenty six years has not lost any of it’s popularity since. Showcasing friendship between a group of six tightly knit adults weaving through life in New York City; the show has been and will remain a crowd favourite. We’ve rounded up some of the best moments featured on the show.



The PIVOT Scene

Every time Joey said his famous flirty line

The great ‘we were on a break’ debate

The time when Monica danced with a Thanksgiving turkey on her head

When Ross tried to teach Phoebe about ‘unagi’

When Monica got braids during a vacation

Phoebe’s Smelly Cat song

The time Joey ate his date’s dessert while she was away and showed no remorse

The fight scene between Rachel and her sister

When Phoebe and Rachel found out that Monica and Chandler were a couple

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