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Man Explains 4 Car Accessories That Might Just Do More Harm Than Good

Be safe, guys.



As a car owner, most of us get pretty carried away when it comes to buying accessories to decorate and personalise our vehicles.

Recently, a short video began circulating online, raising awareness that perhaps some car accessories can contribute to accidents.

Some accessories that drivers need to take note of are:
  1. Carpets of the wrong size
    When an ill-fitting carpet is placed in the footwell of a car, it can be difficult to hit the gas and brakes…leading to accidents.
  2. Dashboard covers
    They can stand in the way of airbags being deployed!
  3. Set belt clips
    This accessory can not only contribute to drivers and front-seat passengers being thrown out the windshield, it can also stop you from getting your insurance claims.
  4. Steering wheel stickers
    Sure, it looks pretty, but please consider that it can harm the driver when the airbag is deployed.
Read the full story in BM here.

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