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Raya Is Not Over Yet!; Continue Your Celebration In Style With These Contemporary Raya Bops

Festive tunes for you and your family to enjoy!



There’s nothing like a little music to keep the mood going.

Festivities these couple of years may not be as “happening” compared to how it was before (thanks, Miss Corona) but it doesn’t have to be quiet! Crank up your stereo and blast these bops to liven up your weekend!


1. Bersyukur Seadanya by Hael Husaini

Written by both Hael Husaini and Ezra Kong, this song mark’s Husaini’s first ever Raya song. The track might be rather simple and minimal, but it makes for a light and relaxing number as you munch on your leftover ‘kuih raya’ and ‘ketupat’. The music video, on the other hand, flexes some creative chops with artistic visual direction. It drives home the message that one needs to be grateful and that a moderate celebration is more than enough as long as everyone’s happy.


2. Bersama Di Hari Raya by Bella Astillah and Didi Astillah

The Astillah sisters joined forces in recording this cute Raya track concocted by composer and music director Rosli Ahmad. This is the first time that the two sisters collaborated together on a song despite having been in the industry since they were children. The music video for this track catches the feel of Hari Raya, with cousins and relatives playing together.


3. Menanti Di Aidilfitri by Wany Hasrita, Wani Syaz, Muna Shahirah, and Wan Azlyn

Composed by DJ Fuzz and released under FMC Music, this track is heartwarming and revolves around appreciating your loved ones while they are still around. The music video can also be considered as a short film that tells the story of a group of siblings spending the celebration without their late father. 


Pick up the phone and tell your loved ones how much you love them. Now. Do it now.

*Cover image via Instagram @bellaastillah

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