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Superheroes That No One Knew Existed

If you recognise these crusaders, then you are a true nerd!



Imagine if the Earth really was swarming with superheroes and gifted individuals with superpowers. How cool would that be?! Of course… that would also mean that real villains would exist and I don’t know if that would truly be a good thing…



While we constantly see endless superhero movies screened in the theatres year after year, there’s still plenty of them, waiting in the wings, for their own movies! Here are just some of them who are still waiting to be recognised:


1. Skateman


Gone and Forgotten


Skateman’s plotline is one heck of a ride. 

Written and drawn by Neal Adams, Billy Moon is an aimless veteran who fought in the Vietnam War. Due to strange turns of events, he ended up becoming a roller derby star. Billy hits his friend Jack during a match and accidentally kills him. He later learns that it was a setup by a biker gang, and begins on a mission to take them down…on skates. 

If this character gets his own live-action film, the actor playing him has some serious…skates to fill. 


2. Super-Hip 




Bob Hope made his impact on the industry to the extent where he was immortalised as a fictional celebrity comic book character, illustrated by Bob Oksner and Neal Adams to name a few. 

‘The Adventures of Bob Hope’ ran from 1950-1968 where he lived his life as a ladies’ man until he started caring for a teenage boy, Jutefruce. Jutefruce turns into Super-Hip, he can fly, transform his body into anything he wants — and he can play the guitar, too!


3. Forbush Man 

Marvel Database


Forbush Man is the cutest superhero yet!

Created by the legendary Stan Lee, Irving Forbush lived with his Auntie Mayhem. In a fury, his aunt slammed a cooking pot over his head…and this eccentric kid decides that it would be a pretty cool superhero disguise.

Think about it, guys — the budget for a live-action adaptation can go really low. All we need is a cooking pot and we’re good to go!


Who is your favourite obscure comic book character? Drop them in the comments below so the rest of us can check them out!


*Cover image via CBR 

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