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The Mysterious Death Of A Malaysian Beauty Queen (And Other Unsolved Local Murder Cases)

The truth is still out there…



This is why when we were kids, our parents would insist on us staying home and avoiding talking to strangers. Sure, some of us might get rebellious and accuse our folks of being overprotective, but the truth is that the world is full of dangerous people with malicious intentions. 

Here are some of the most puzzling local murder cases whose murderers were never caught. 


1. The Tragic and Horrifying Murder of Noritta Samsudin

Noritta Samsudin

Noritta Samsudin was just 22-years-old when she was found dead without a single thread of clothing on except for a pillowcase over her head. Her hands and legs were tied with the wire of a clothing iron. Discovered by her roommates in an apartment in Sri Hartamas, Noritta’s mouth was also stuffed with a face towel.

She died in 2003 but to this day, her killer remains at large. 


2. Disturbing Supernatural Connections That Lead to the Death of Hasleza Ishak 

Hasleza Ishak

The world went into shock the day 26-year-old model and actress Hasleza Ishak was found strangled and was believed to have been tossed from a bridge. Her body was found near  Taiping.

What made things more controversial was the fact that she was the second wife to Datuk Seri Raja Jaafar Raja Muda Musa, the Raja DiHilir of Perak. The story began when the Raja’s first wife (Raja Nor Mahani) asked ‘bomoh’s to rid her husband of a spell that she thought was the cause of him being cold towards her. Afterwards, she developed a rash and started vomiting crystals. One of the ‘bomoh’s claimed that Princess Mahani was the mastermind of the murder, which she denied. The ‘bomoh’ and another member of the palace were sent to prison before being acquitted due to a lack of credible evidence. 


3. Jean Perera Sinnappa, Miss Malaysian Runner-Up Who Was Found Dead Near the Federal Highway 

Jean Perera Sinnappa

This tragedy struck in 1979 where Jean Perera Sinnappa was found stabbed to death in a white Fiat 125 car parked along the Federal Highway. Her brother-in-law, Karthigesu, was found unconscious nearby. The beauty queen had lost her husband in a car accident a year ago. Karthigesu claimed that he had stopped the car by the side of the road to quickly relieve himself when he was suddenly hit from behind. But investigations found that Jean had been exchanging love letters with a Sri Lankan Dr Narada, which led to speculations that Karthigesu may have murdered Jean out of jealousy or vengeance for his brother. 


Karthigesu was charged but he was released after an appeal. 


*Cover image via Noritta Samsudin/ Hasleza Ishak/ Jean Perera Sinnappa  

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