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Top 3 Local Murder Cases That Are So Gruesome, They Will Haunt You

Always, always be aware of your surroundings and never go places alone.



1. Mona Fandey, the popstar turned killer ‘bomoh’

Born Maznah binti Ismail, Mona Fandey was a pop singer. After giving up her singing career, she became a witch doctor and allegedly garnered a huge number of rich and powerful clients. One of them was state assemblyman Mazlan Idris, who gave her RM2.5 million in exchange for a blossoming political career.

After instructing Mazlan to lie down and close his eyes, her assistant chopped off Mazlan’s head with an axe. His body was then cut up into 18 parts and buried in a deep pit before re-cementing the floor.

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2. The serial rapist’s reign of terror

Within just a year, Lee Chow Meng raped a number of 18 women and murdered 5 of them.

This terror began after he was dumped due to his philandering ways. He would call his victims to meet and then spike their drinks before robbing and raping them. It was also said that he was often interested in women who resembled his ex-girlfriend.

He managed to evade the police until he was finally caught and pleaded guilty in 1999.


3. An ex-pastor who dumped pieces of a woman in a drain


In 1993, a grass-cutter stumbled upon the grisly remains of a woman in a drain — there were 11 pieces, all wrapped in plastic bags. Investigations led to Cindy Chua, who identified the victim as her sister Lily Chua Yue See, a singer and pub dancer.

Apparently, Lily had been in a relationship with Gan Wei Seng, a pastor who became a music teacher. Upon being arrested, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison.


*Cover image via Murderpedia 

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