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True Local Horror Stories That Are So Terrifying You Wish They Were Made Up: Part 1

Disclaimer: Not for the faint of heart.



Whether you are a believer of the supernatural or not, you have to admit that there have been plenty of unexplained incidents that are not justifiable by science. Horrifying apparitions and random, disturbing noises might just be hints that we are not alone in this realm. 



If you have been lucky enough to not experience these occurrences, these users on Reddit are here to share their bone-chilling stories on your behalf.


Redditor AIRA18 reveals that in 2007, there was a figure of an old lady who would wander around the lobby at their hostel at 2am in the morning. A friend of theirs was supposed to come over to their room to discuss homework…but he never showed up. 


The next day, the Redditor asked their friend, 


“Why didn’t you come last night? Like where were you, dude?”




In response, the friend said that he did come, but he saw an old lady dressed in white with long, white hair standing in front of the door of the Redditor’s room, so he calmly turned back around to leave. Upon being accused of lying, the friend said he wished he was lying but nope, it was all true.


A second Redditor, alpha-orionis, shared a personal story from their childhood. 


“I was 6 and watching a cartoon in my parents’ bedroom with my 4-year-old brother. The TV is next to the bathroom door and it was ajar. Nothing happened until I heard the tap running. Thinking it was my brother, I looked towards the bathroom and into the mirror that was facing the shower and bathtub area, like in hotels.


“I saw this,” the user posted, including a hand-drawn picture. 



“It was moving as if it was inhaling and exhaling. I grabbed my brother and ran downstairs. I didn’t talk about it for years because nobody would have believed me, and it didn’t look like a scary ghost. More like a gigantic 6 feet tall black thumb standing in the bathtub.”




The Redditor concluded their story by saying,


“When I did come around to talking about it, I found out that my brother saw it too. And then I found out that it must have been a jinn, as they come in all shapes and sizes apparently.”


Well now, are you still a sceptic?


*Cover image via The Smart Local 

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