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True Local Horror Stories That Are So Terrifying You Wish They Were Made Up: Part 2

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In the first part, we have covered horror stories that took place at an old hostel and another one from a childhood memory at a family home. This time, how about a tale of possession by a ghost from the ancient days and a cursed road near a local university?



In a creepy, detailed post by Redditor AIRA18, the user tells the story of their friend who was possessed by the spirit of a traditional Malay warrior. 


The user describes their friend “Bob” as a big, burly guy who wore a ring he wasn’t supposed to wear (ain’t this usually how all horror stories begin?). Suddenly, Bob began putting on a traditional Malay outfit complete with a ‘keris’ (a traditional Malay dagger) and called himself a ‘pendekar’ (a term used for traditional Malay warriors). 


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The Reddit user and their other friends played along with him, thinking it was a joke until the possessed friend slid out his ‘keris’ in anger and tried to stab everyone in close proximity. 



Panic broke out and everyone armed themselves with brooms, mops, ladders — anything — for self-protection. An ‘Ustaz’ (a wise, religious man) came and exorcised the spirit from poor Bob’s body. Now that the ‘gate’ has been ‘opened’, the spirit would visit Bob from time to time to the point where everyone just treated it like it was a normal occurrence. 


True Local Horror Stories That Are So Terrifying You Wish They Were Made Up: Part 1


In a separate thread, Reddit user, haz__man, brought up a discussion regarding the haunting near Cyberjaya. 


The user said,


“There’s a pedestrian bridge linking 2 buildings there. Security guards have seen on CCTV (a) small naked kid running across the bridge at 3am.”


They added that the road nearby a local university is seriously haunted, where a few of their friends have passed the area at midnight to see a lady dressed in white with long, white hair that reaches the floor. 



Another Redditor, alpha-orionis, replied with a story about a girl that died at a car park in the same area almost 10 years ago. According to stories, the car was parked on the slope and maybe the handbrake failed, causing the car to roll downhill and mow the girl down as she was walking away. 



These incidents further solidify the area’s reputation as a haunting ground, attracting even more supernatural energy. 


Have you had a personal experience with ghosts? Let us know in the comments below!


*Cover image via Andrew N. Gagg 

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