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A Recap Of The Most Insane Controversies : YouTuber Edition

It’s still hard to believe any of these even happened…



These strange events were crazy, to say the least. Heartbreaking, even. If you were around during these moments, you might remember how the internet was – at one point -completely consumed by these controversies. Be warned, though: there may be triggering content within this article, so proceed at your own risk!


1. The Hysteria Surrounding Marina Joyce 

Marina was at the centre of a kidnapping mystery. It began when the YouTuber started acting rather strange. Where her personality was once upbeat and quirky, she seemed disturbed and…threatened, even — constantly staring blankly at the camera and glancing away. And then things started getting even weirder. Viewers noticed a firearm in the background of her make-up tutorial, and when she posted another video two weeks later, commenters pointed out green bruises on her arms. And get this: about 13 seconds into the video, she seemed to be whispering the words “Help me.”

Fans believed she was kidnapped. The hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce began trending worldwide. And when Marina tried to arrange a meetup, many speculated that she was involved in a trap set by Isis! The entire saga came to an abrupt end when the Enfield police department visited Marina at her home and found her safe and sound. 

To this day, no one knows what really went down…



2. Logan Paul Filming a Dead Body 

Logan filmed a video that sent the public into outrage when he filmed a person who had committed suicide in Japan’s Aokigahara or known as the “suicide forest.” Even though the face of the deceased was blurred out, viewers were furious over how disrespectful Logan and his crew were. Also, to think that most of his fans are kids! Celebrities rallied against Logan’s actions, prompting him into filming an apology video. Things got worse when it was alleged that Logan monetised his apology video, to the point where YouTube suspended all the ads on his videos. 


Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul Denies Allegations He Assaulted TikTok Star Justine Paradise



3. Pedro Ruiz III Dies On-Camera in a Stunt Gone Wrong

This heart-breaking incident happened a few years ago in 2017. Pedro, an aspiring YouTuber was hoping to increase his viewership and came up with the idea to ask his live-in girlfriend Monalisa, a vlogger, to shoot him while he shielded himself with a thick, hardcover book. He did not survive the video. The book failed to stop the bullet, leaving behind a pregnant Monalisa to plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter. 


Remember, guys. Gaining traction might be the currency in this digital age, but it is not worth risking your lives for. Be mindful of what you put up on the internet because once it’s up there in cyberspace, it can’t be undone. 


*Cover image via Instagram @marinamewmeow

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