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Selamat Hari Raya


Fasting Shouldn’t Stop You From Exercising! Here’s How To Do Both During Ramadan

Don’t let the fasting month stop you from exercising!



The month of sacrifice doesn’t mean sacrificing exercise!


Yes, it can be difficult curating your schedule around work/studying, praying and exercising but it’s not entirely impossible. Whether you’re an early bird or prefer to stay up late, there are ways you can squeeze in your training and eat well during the fasting month.



For all you sleepy heads out there, try training just before iftar so you can refuel and relax almost immediately after you drain what’s left of your energy. Not only is your ‘suffering’ cut short, but you can also get up to 8 hours of sleep before you have to wake up the following sahur.One set back that needs to be accounted for with this option is that you might be more dehydrated going into training, as you’d be committing to it after fasting for an entire day.


For those who fast but do not participate in the prayers after iftar, this option is perfect for you. Try having your warm-up just before iftar. When it’s time to finally break your fast, take a date (the fruit) and some water. Then continue with your training and have your actual meal after you’re done breaking a sweat.



This option is for youngsters who have a more flexible daily schedule. However, with this option, you’ll be missing your iftar with family and/or friends. Also taking into account that you’ll be eating closer to your bedtime, this may affect your sleep.


This next option may seem extreme to certain people, but it works just as well. If you’re someone who is highly motivated, wake up BEFORE sahur to exercise. Sometimes, it’s so early you could easily trick your mind into thinking it’s exercising for the day before. This achieves the objective completely as you would have already completed your workout before getting to refuel at sahur immediately after.


Whichever option you choose, just keep in mind to find the balance and what works with you. it’s a process that could take time, but as they say, slowly but surely.



Finding a group of friends that exercise can also help. Sharing the same passion or interests will ignite the spirit to get up and burn, burn, burn. Remember, exercise and eat right. Everything else will fall into place.


*Photo Credit: @fadyfoxphotography / @newwaves.rc

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