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This TikTok Explains How You’re Actually Supposed To Play Minesweeper

Ermm, so do y’all get it?



Wow, it’s that easy…NOT.


No matter how advanced technology gets, with the development in graphics, storyline and gameplay,  we’ll always remember the classic games we used to play on our PCs back when we were connecting to the internet using ‘dial-up’. For most of us, it was our first hands-on experience with PC games.


A fine example of a game would be the single-player puzzle game Minesweeper. A TikTok created by user @p.hops and then later shared by Twitter user @blessadj with their surprised caption, “Bro. After all these years I was just clicking for luck”.



The 39-second video which now has a staggering 3 million views shows the creator sharing the simple technic used to win the game in what assumes to be her first attempt. Despite the simple tutorial shared, there were still certain viewers who hadn’t the slightest clue of what was going on. Here are some of the hilarious reactions:


Photo via Twitter/@blessadj


Photo via Twitter/@blessadj



This user clearly has had enough:


It’s clear that the gameplay for Minesweeper *still* has us mind-boggled, even during adulthood. It seems people would rather go for other more simple ones such as Solitaire or 3D Pinball. Some things never change, I guess.



What was your favourite video game growing up? Or maybe we should ask, your favourite game to play when the internet TAKES FOREVER to connect. Drop a comment.


*Cover Image Credit: TikTok @p.hops

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