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Did You Know The Titanic Had An Alternate Ending? Here’s What It Looks Like

And…. let’s just say it’s a good thing they changed it.



1997 Oscar-winning: the epic, action-packed romance starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, based on the ill-fated maiden voyage of R.M.S Titanic in 1912, directed by  James Cameron—yup, it’s The Titanic. Turns out, there’s an alternative ending to the 3.30hr movie… and it has gone viral on Twitter, mostly for being pretty, pretty bad.


For anyone who has seen the film (really, who hasn’t?) you’ll recall that it begins and ends with an elderly version of Winslet’s character Rose (played by Gloria Stuart) on board with the crew who are searching for the Titanic shipwreck and the necklace that Rose’s character was given by her fiance Caledon Hockley (Billy Zane) and wore when she asked Jack (DiCaprio) to paint her “like one of your French girls.”



In the final film’s ending, it’s revealed that Rose secretly had the necklace all along and in the last scenes of the movie, throws it overboard so that it can be laid to rest with her lover, Jack. In that clip, nobody onboard saw her do this. However, the deleted scene actually re-imagines this entirely – and it’s not gone down well with fans. I mean just watch it with your eyes: 



That part where one of the crew members then runs over to the side of the ship, frustratingly shouting, “That really sucks, lady!” Yeaaaaap, our thoughts on the scene entirely, dude. Anyway, enjoy the fans reactions. 


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