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These Movies Will Make You So Uncomfortable You Won’t Be Able To Stick It Out Till The End

Are you up for it?



Usually, we flip on the TV (or our phones, or our laptops, there’s just so many choices now so just take your pick) and put on a movie to escape our reality. And yet, every now and then, we’ll stumble upon a film that is so disturbing that it gets us shooketh and we realise, ‘Oh, you know what, that was pretty great!’

So, if you’re a sadist like we are, you are more than welcome to check out these disturbing movies for your viewing pleasure 🙂


1. mother! (2017)

You can always count on Darren Aronofsky to deliver top-notch psychology horror in all its glory. His previous films ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Requiem for a Dream’ are a testament to what he is capable of, and mother! is definitely one of the best films he’s ever made. 

The film plays like a fever dream or a form of interactive theatre that you are forced to participate in all the way to the ghastly reveal at the end…


2. Gerald’s Game (2017)

Netflix’s favourite horror director Mike Flanagan (the man behind the Haunting of Hill House franchise) makes sure this movie seeps into your pores and builds a nest under your skin. This film tells the story of a couple who, in a last-ditch attempt to save their marriage, tries to spruce up their intimacy…except things go so very wrong when Gerald drops dead on top of his handcuffed wife. 


3. Funny Games (2007)

A remake of an Austrian film of the same name and by the same director Michael Haneke, this version stars Tim Roth and Naomi Watts, whose characters fall victim to the creepy and astonishingly violent duo played by Michael Pitt and Brady Corbet. Throughout the whole film, the audience is not treated as a spectator but more as an accomplice with how every control and guesses in which direction things will go are stripped away, again and again. Corbet’s character even dies in one scene, and almost as if sensing the audience’s relief, his partner played by Pitt picks up the remote and…rewinds the whole thing to bring his friend back to life. 

What makes it worse is how blue and utterly innocent Pitt’s eyes are, and how gentle and soft his voice is the whole time… 


You won’t regret giving these films a chance, but they might scar you a little bit. Just a little bit.


*Cover image via Paramount Pictures

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