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New Loki Trailer: What Has The God Of Mischief Done Now?

To be fair, what hasn’t he done?



The God of Mischief strikes again. 


In the latest trailer that dropped yesterday, Loki seems to have finally been held accountable for his actions by the bureaucratic Time Variance Authority aka the TVA. He was then told by Mobius that he had broken reality when he picked up the Tesseract.


True to his devil-may-care attitude, Loki doesn’t seem particularly remorseful. And why would anyone expect him to be? This isn’t the first time he wreaked havoc on Earth, and it definitely wouldn’t be the last. 


In The Avengers, released in 2012, a power-hungry Loki unleashes chaos when he accepts a pact with a servant of Thanos. The pact allows him to rule the Earth while Thanos, the big bad of Marvel’s Phase Three, would take the Tesseract. Loki uses the Tesseract to manipulate and bend the will of his victims to do his bidding, but it is later revealed by Marvel that Loki himself was influenced by the power of the gem. 




His actions have directly caused the devastating Chitauri attack in New York. 


Next, in Thor: The Dark World, Loki is taken back to Asgard and brought to his father to answer for his crimes. He is sentenced to stay in the dungeon, where he spots a disguised Algrim. Angry with the way he is treated by his family and kingdom, he helps Algrim sabotage Asgard. 


The attack that ensues costs him his mother’s life. 



But before we venture into the doom and gloom zone, Loki’s mischief becomes a little more comical in Thor: Ragnarok. In this third installment of the Thor franchise, Loki cunningly rules the Earth while disguising himself as his father, Odin. Where did the original Odin go?


To the old folks’ home!


However, Odin’s exile by Loki has caused his powers to drain, leading to his demise. It was never Loki’s intention to kill his father, but bad luck seems to love his company. 


At the end of Marvel’s Phase 3, Avengers: Infinity War, Loki’s arc redemption begins (and ends) when he dies in the hands of Thanos (literally) in the name of defending the universe against the Titan. 


But lookit, seeing as we’re getting a Loki show pretty soon, it’s a safe bet that at least another version of Loki is still alive!


*Cover image via Augustman 

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