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Watch: The First Ever Trailer For ”Coming To America” 2!

Prince Akeem, now King Akeem, is making his long-awaited return



Coming 2 America is ready to be crowned The Comedy of 2021. “I am King Akeem Joffer, and I believe you are the heir to Zamunda,” Eddie Murphy’s Akeem tells son Lavelle in the movie’s Super Bowl trailer. Akeem looks so excited about his son, but Lavelle seems a little uneasy about his father’s excitement. 


Yes, Akeem had a secret son 30 years ago, and now he’s ready to make Lavelle a part of his family. The trailer is full of lavish royal events, performances, and laugh-out-loud moments. Watch the trailer below: 



Based on the trailer, the sequel will take place in the lush and royal country of Zamunda. Newly-crowned King Akeem and his trusted confidante Semmi embark on an all-new adventure that has them traversing the globe from their great African nation to the borough of Queens, New York – where it all began. Akeem finds out that he has a son that he never knew about in America, a Queens native named Lavelle, played by Jermaine Fowley.



Eddie gave some insight into the highly-anticipated sequel, which is being released 33 years after the original movie, in a 2019 interview with IndieWire. “Most of [Coming 2 America] takes place in Africa and it’s Zamunda…I think the reason why [Coming to America] resonated and really worked with black folks is that it was our black fairy tale. This new movie is a fairy tale as well. It’s this fairy tale world where they have a very modern problem.” Coming 2 America premieres March 5 on Amazon Prime Video.

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