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What We Know About Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ So Far!

*Spoiler alert* so proceed at your own risk!



It’s been said before and it will be said again: The Marvel Universe is expanding and is showing no signs of slowing down!


Eternals, slated for 2021 as part of Marvel’s Phase Four, will be featuring an immortal alien race created by the Celestials. These Celestials have been secretly inhabiting the Earth for over 7,000 years and have come together to protect humanity from the Deviants, who are a race of humanoids. 


While most Marvel fans have been waiting eternally (pun very much intended) for the film to come out, apparently a user on Reddit was given the privilege of seeing a test screening and decided to spill some delicious beans. 


“After several dives into this source’s credentials, we have discerned that (it) is a legitimate plot leak for November’s Eternals,” said the forum’s moderators at the top of the post. 


The source also mentions that they have only seen an early cut of the movie, which includes “unfinished FX, temporary music tracks, and probably scenes that will fail to make the theatrical version.” While the details given might just be legit, the final version of the film might come out looking a lot different by the time it is released on the 5th of November. 


But here’s what we have on the post-credit scenes for now!

The first one is allegedly focused on Dane Whitman, also known as the Black Knight. Portrayed by Kit Harington of Game of Thrones fame, Whitman finds an old sword and hears words of warning telling him to leave it alone. 

Source: Marvel 


The second post-credits scene features Thanos’ brother, Starfox. Unlike Thanos and his purple appearance, Starfox looks more human — just like the rest of the Eternals. 


Source: Tumblr


While these little spoilers are more than enough for hardcore Marvel fans who are happy to hear any Marvel-related news they can get, only time will tell if these leaks will pan out!


Until then, hang on tight!

*Cover image credits:  Marvel Studios/Disney 

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