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Watch: Ed Sheeran Turns Into Joker In New Music Video ‘Bad Habits’

“Y’all made so much fun of him that he entered his Joker era.”



He’s back.

It has certainly been quite the minute, but Ed Sheeran is back with the new music video for Bad Habits.

The English singer/songwriter spoke in a recent interview as he revealed his new single that he has changed his approach to lifestyle and work significantly since the birth of his daughter Lyra last year.

“As soon as Cherry told me she was pregnant, life shifted, in terms of work and health and what I was putting into my body, be it food or alcohol,” he told media. “I started exercising more and my routine became a bit more healthy.”

In terms of work style, he changed his usual habits of doing recording sessions until 2 am, to going home at 5 pm.

“It actually freaks out producers, I was in Los Angeles working with these producers that usually start working at 6 pm and finish at 6 am with people like Post Malone and Dua [Lipa]. I was like, ‘Yeah, we’re starting at nine’.  And they were like, ‘What?'”


The main question is, does he get more done by changing this routine? The answer is, yes. “But I do find you get more done. There’s less faffing.”

The pop star later revealed the newborn was “not my biggest fan” and “just cries” when he sings his new songs to her.

The internet has also reacted to the new music video when shared on Twitter.



Well, he DOES don the supervillain’s appearance, doesn’t he?




Even Taylor Swift was seen fawning over the video.



Evaluate the video yourself, watch it here:


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Cover Image Credits: YouTube Ed Sheeran

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