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Fly’s AM Mayhem Call Rita Ora, Anne-Marie and Jeremy Zucker By Using A Theory! #FlyPassTheNumber

Yes! The 6 degrees of separation theory works!




Fly’s AM Mayhem is at it again!

#FlyPassTheNumber is back for a second round, but this time with different star studded artist to ring. This week in#FlyPassTheNumber Hafiz, Guibo and RD needed to reach 3 big celebrities Rita Ora, Anne-Marie and Jeremy Zucker!


Fly’s AM Mayhem wants to prove the 6 degrees of separation theory through phone calls!

Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. Also known as the 6 Handshakes rule. As a result, a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps, according to Wikipedia.

RD explains the theory right here

So here is how round 2 of #FlyPassTheNumber went!

How it works? 

Throughout the week, Fly’s AM Mayhem have to reach out to 3 celebrities through just 6 calls.

This round they tried to reach 3 pop singers: Rita Ora, Anne-Marie and Jeremy Zucker.

-RD’s mission is to reach Rita Ora. It’s a known fact that his ultimate crush is none other than Rita Ora, so he just has to test the theory by giving her a call.

-Guibo’s mission is to reach the beautifully Anne-Marie. Why? For the sake of all you fans of course! So Guibo’s task is to try his best to get to the singer through her tight knit team.

-Hafiz just has to get Jeremy Zucker on the line right? Only because fans love American singer-songwriter and also both RD and Guibo had success stories!

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⚡️ #FlyPassTheNumber ⚡️TOMORROW. 8AM. Hafiz will try to call #JeremyZucker 👀🤩 Will it come thru? Tune in tomorrow to find out! #FlyAMMayhem

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Here is how it all went down…

Tuesday: Fly’s AM Mayhem RD tried to prove the theory by reaching Rita Ora within 6 calls. RD managed to get 3 different callers of those who all once worked or knew the singer.
But even with all those connections, did he manage to get through and talk to Rita herself?

Watch the clip below:

This time a round RD did it!

Wednesday: It was Guibo’s turn to try out the theory and prove that he can reach Anne-Marie, with just by 6 calls.

His first call was to Kelly, receptionist of the hotel that Anne-Marie stayed at when she was in Malaysia last year July. Who gave him another contact Eric, representation of security crew company that handled Anne-Marie when she was here in Malaysia, in the hopes of reaching the global star. But, did he manage?

Watch here:

Lo and behold Guibo did it as well! The boys are having major luck this week!

Thursday: It was all up to Hafiz now to give them the final win for a success story! Fly’s AM Mayhem Hafiz, tries one more time to prove once again that he can do it in the second round this,the theory to reach Jeremy Zucker within 6 calls.

His first call was to Sufiz, chef who served Jeremy when he was here last year in September, and right of  the bat Sufiz hooked him up with the perfect person to call – Zack, local videographer who shot Jeremy when he was in Malaysia!

See how it went down:

And Hafiz proved once again he is the master of the The 6 degrees of separation theory!

Yes! The 6 degrees of separation theory works!

One of the few things we can learn from this, is to always stay connected with your friends! You never know if they might just be 6 degrees separated to a famous person!

Would you ever try this theory?

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