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Fly’s AM Mayhem Discuss: For Those Who Are WFH, How Do You Get Out Of “Work-Mode”?

Do you have a schedule or designated work place?




Fly's AM Mayhem - Whooshkaa

It’s been 23 days since the Movement Control Order(MCO) was implemented due to the current battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. And everyone is feeling the stress!

With us #stayathome 24 hours of the day, working from home(WFH) is proving to be harder than expected, as we try to balance work mode and relax mode.

Back Story: 

Our Fly’s Am Mayhem producer Nicole has not been able to stop working and Hafiz, Guibo and RD have seen the same thing happening to their friends! It’s proven to be harder to find a perfect balance between “work mode” and relax mode, because working from home can sometimes mean working 24/7 with no boundaries.

Thursday’s Topic:

Fly’s AM Mayhem discussed for those working from home, how do you get out of “work-mode”?

Our listeners had great pointers and tips to get out of “work mode” such as to set goals for yourself and stick to it and it will help immensely if you set a designated work space for yourself, once you leave it, don’t look back.

Hear the podcast down below:


And many of you suggested tips on FlyFM’s Instagram as well :

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