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Fly’s AM Mayhem’s Ultimate Malaysian Food List!

Hungry In Your Negeri lead to 3 days, 61 hours, 1775 km around the country tasting tons of food!



It all started with Hafiz missing his hometown’s food, and an insta story. The rest is his-tummy! (geddit?)
For two weeks, Malaysians shared their favourite hometown food to Hafiz, Guibo and RD. Packed with empty stomachs off they went on this epic food road trip!
12 states, 3 days, 61 hoours on the road, 1175 total km travelled and 158 plates of food!

Here are your recommendations, eaten and compiled by Fly’s AM Mayhem into an Ultimate Malaysian Food List!

Ipoh, Perak: New Hollywood

“The char kuey and kaya was the best because we never had kaya like that before!” – Guibo

  • SUGGESTED BY:  @defamofficial, @mhmd_shahir
  • Location: 38, Jalan Lee Kwee Foh, Taman Canning 31400 Ipoh, Perak
  • Operating Hours: Everyday, 7AM – 10PM
  • Contact Details: 012-290 8887
  • Must Haves: Telur Goyang, Pan Mee, Lobak, Cha Kuih and Kaya, Chicken Rice, Chee Cheong Fun
  • Price Range: $
  • Other food to have in Ipoh: Mee Kicap Mat Jasak Ipoh, Nasi Vanggey, Laksa Telur Sarang

Butterworth, Penang : Nasi Kandar Jamal Mohamed Nasi Kandar

“The mutton was very soft and tender, it dissolves when you put it in your mouth.” – Hafiz

  • SUGGESTED BY: @preetvina
  • Location: 4846, Jalan Kampung Benggali, Kampung Benggali, 12000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang
  • Operating Hours: Everyday, Opens 24 hours
  • Contact Details:  018-371 6786
  • Must Haves: Nasi Kandar – curry campur with ayam goreng, ikan goreng, mutton and vegetables.
  • Price Range: $
  • Other places in Penang: Nam Thing (Air Itam), Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu, Curry Mee (Lorong Amoy)

Alor Setar, Kedah : Laksa Ikan Sekoq 

“The cendol was perfect for hot days in Kedah.” – Guibo

  • SUGGESTED BY: @atiefanesha
  • Location: 255, Taman Wira Mergong, 05350 Alor Setar, Kedah
  • Operating Hours: Everyday, 11:30AM – 7:30PM
  • Contact Details:  012-439 1313
  • Must Haves: Laksa Ikan Sekoq and Cendol Pulut
  • Price Range: $
  • Other places in Kedah: Nasi Kandar Yasmeen, Mee Abu (Alor Setar), Roti Canai Celaru, ABC (Restoran Dinalang Ais Kacang Salji)

Kuala Perlis, Perlis: Mona Ikan Bakar

 “Great seafood with a great view, ‘the ikan 3 rasa’ was an appetizing sweet and sour flavour and we ordered a lot of other dishes and it wasn’t heavy on wallets.” – RD

  • SUGGESTED BY: @rinoshamierul
  • Location: No. GM4, Gerai Komalaut, Jalan Jeti, Kampung Perak, Kuala Perlis 02000, Malaysia
  • Operating Hours: Everyday, 6PM – 4AM
  • Contact Details:  +60 12-466 6816
  • Must Haves: Ikan Bakar, Fried Calamari (Sotong), Satay, Ulam, Mango Kerabu, Tom Yam, Snails (Siput Sedut), Ikan 3 Rasa, Butter Fried Prawns
  • Price Range: $$ – $$$ 
  • Other places in Perlis: Laksa Kak Su Kuala Perlis, Pulut Ayam Padang Besaq

Pasir Mas, Kelantan: Warung Kurnia Ibu

“Everything was good there, we had no complaints! Its a one stop shop for all kinds of delicacies, you want local food? They have it. You want western food? They also have it!” – Hafiz

  • SUGGESTED BY: @atiefanesha
  • Location: w1/20 Lorong Shell Jln Pengkalan Pasir, 17000 Pasir Mas, Kelantan
  • Operating Hours: Closed on Fridays, 10AM – 6:30PM
  • Contact Details: 017-922 2567
  • Must Haves: Nasi Kerabu Goreng, Mango Kerabu, Keropok Lekor, Mee Celup (Seafood and Beef), Lamb Chop, Coconut Shake Special (Jagung, Chocolate, Paddle Pop Ice Cream), Clear Tom Yum
  • Price Range: $$ 
  • Other places in Kelantan: 88 Medan Selera (Kota Bharu), Mee Putih (Kopitiam Sri Cemerlang), Nasi Kak Wok


Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu: Celup Tepung Cikgu

“The keropok lekor was so fresh with an amazing view!” – Hafiz

  • SUGGESTED BY: @syalinamazlan
  • Location: Kampung Penarik, 21010 Permaisuri, Terengganu
  • Operating Hours: Everyday, 10AM – 9:30PM
  • Contact Details: 010-902 9356
  • Must Haves: Celup Tepung Sotong, Udang, Ketam, Ikan Kembung, Fishballs and Sausages, Keropok Lekor, ABC Jagung
  • Price Range: $$ 
  • Other places in Terengganu: Nasi Dage Atas Tol, Warung Pok Nong, Fauzi Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Dagang Kak Pah

Kuantan, Pahang: Jaman Tory Resipi

“The Ikan Patin Pais (durian tempoyak) was both spicy & sweet. The nutella cheesecake was to die for, a perfect dessert to end the night!” – Guibo

  • SUGGESTED BY: @amiramursyida
  • Location: Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang
  • Operating Hours: Closed Tuesdays, 12PM – 1:30AM
  • Contact Details: 019-998 8212
  • Must Haves: Ikan Patin Pais Tempoyak, Burung Puyuh, Daging Salai Masak Lemak, Ikan Pekasam, Nutella Cake, Mango Cheesecake
  • Price Range: $$ – $$$
  • Other places in Pahang: Ikan Patin Kampung Bangau, Mango Cheesecakes (Kula Cakes), Roti Canai Road Gemas

Segamat, Johor: Restoran RZ

“The udang galah was so big and fresh, perfect to eat it with rice! – Hafiz”

  • Location: NO. 34, Jalan Utama 2/3, Johor, 85000 Segamat District
  • Operating Hours: Closed Tuesdays, 8AM – 4:30PM
  • Contact Details: 019-735 0735
  • Must Haves: Malay Kampung Food: Rojak Salad, Telur Ikan, Ikan Keli Berlada, Udang Galah, Ikan Baung Masak Lemak
  • Price Range: $$
  • Other places in Johor: Mee Bandung Muar, Mee Rebus HJ Wahid, Kacang Pool Larkin

Melaka: Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball

“Unique way to serve chicken rice and service was superb as the owner and the staff were all friendly!” – RD

  • SUGGESTED BY: @chwinnnnn
  • Location: 275, Jalan Melaka Raya 3, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka
  • Operating Hours: Closed Thursdays, 10:30AM – 6PM
  • Contact Details: 016-216 5220
  • Must Haves: Chicken Rice Ball, Roasted Chicken, Fishballs, Cincaluk Omelette
  • Price Range: $$ – $$$
  • Other places in Melaka: Asam Pedas Pokok Besar, Cendol and ABC (Kampung Tun Razak Bukit Katil), Jonker 88

Seremban, Negeri Sembilan: Haji Shariff Cendol

“Unique way to serve cendol in metal bowls, plus it was only RM2 per bowl!” – Guibo

  • SUGGESTED BY: @angevillian
  • Location: 44, Jalan Yam Tuan, Bandar Seremban, 70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
  • Operating Hours: Closed Fridays, 10:30AM – 6PM
  • Contact Details: 06-762 8505
  • Must Haves: Cendol Biasa, Cendol Pulut
  • Price Range: $
  • Other places in N9: Gulai Lemak Cili Api (Restaurant Nelayan),Masak Lemak Cili Api (Zaini Salai, Kuala Pilah)

Puchong, Selangor: Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap

“We came here for Sabahan food. The beef stew rice was so tender and flavourful. Also all dishes were made from homemade broth that was cooked for more than 48 hours.” – Hafiz

  • SUGGESTED BY: @ohzooey @lingeeyy
  • Location: G-13, Jalan Puteri 4/8, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
  • Operating Hours: Closed Wednesdays, 10AM – 9:30PM
  • Contact Details: 016-271 8238
  • Must Haves: Beef Stew Rice, Ngiu Chap Beef Soup, Kah Hiong Chilli, Beef Pau
  • Price Range: $$ – $$$
  • Other places in Selangor: Aneka Sup Soto & Pecal, Warung Ibu Nasi Ambeng, Dol Char Kuey Teow

Pekeliling, KL: Dapur Sarawak 


“Probably the best Sarawakian food you can find in KL. The kampua was the highlight of our supper because we never had anything like that before, definitely a must try!”

  • SUGGESTED BY: @deen_hotfm @_theskinnyfoodie
  • Location: No.19, Jalan Sarikei, Off Jalan Pahang, Pekeliling, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
  • Operating Hours: Everyday, 10AM – 10:30PM
  • Contact Details: 03-4031 7987
  • Must Haves: Mee Kolok Seafood and Beef, Linut, Sarawak Laksa, Nasi Manuk (Ayam), 3 Layer Tea, First Lady, Kampua, Kuih Celorot, Kuih Penyaram, Kek Lapis (Sweet and Sour, Pandan, Vanilla)
  • Price Range: $$
  • Other places in KL (for Sarawakian food): Laksa Sarawak (Dayang Sarawak Corner)


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