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“A UFO Was Here!”, Mysterious Lights In KL Sky Has Netizens Spacing Out

So… we’re starting 2021 with aliens?



We’ve only just wrapped up 2020 and we’re already having to deal with floods – do we really need to add extraterrestrials to our list of woes? Apparently so.



In an unprecedented event, “mysterious lights” have been spotted in the sky in the very heart of Kuala Lumpur. The lights, seen in a video shared on Twitter by – wait for it – none other than comedian Harith Iskandar himself show two blurry, round spheres of light peeking through a shroud of clouds. Tweeting the video alongside a “controversial” question has led for the recording to create rather hilarious scenarios for what we can expect in 2021.



Despite just being a short 26-second video, netizens have taken it upon themselves to debunk the “mysterious lights” seen. Of course, there are two views: the logical, scientific reasoning and the conspiracy theories. While we don’t condone the spread of fake news, some of the “conspiracies” are too funny to not be shared (and really, these are more “jokes” than “theories” anyway). Let’s have a look at…


The logical explanation:




But, let’s be honest – these are the explanations Malaysians want to believe:







At the end of the way, whether you choose to believe in the science of it all or to simply chalk it up to aliens, let’s continue to stay home and avoid crowded places as much as possible . You wouldn’t want to be abducted by aliens, would you?




*Cover image credits: Photo by Izuddin Helmi Adnan on Unsplash

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