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Girl Sells Father’s Motorcycle To Buy Flight Tickets To Meet Online Gaming Friend

“When I saw the girl looking lost, I approached her and asked if she was alright…”



Recently, a video has gone viral of a teenage girl who found herself ‘stranded’ at an airport after feeling guilty for meeting a friend she met through an online game.

The incident that happened in Jambi Indonesia exposed a shocking story. The teenager was believed to have sold her father’s motorcycle in order to meet her guy friend.

According to reports from Indonesian media, the teenager did so to fund her journey to Jakarta by taking a flight.

However, her plan seemed to collapse when she started doubting her actions after thinking about her parents. Traveling alone, she was hit with stress and confusion to the point that she was only able to cry.


Photo via Tribun News


Feeling pity for her, another girl known as Monik that was at the scene approached her and tried to calm her down.


“When I saw the girl looking lost, I approached her and asked if she was alright. Apparently, she was from Jambi and wanted to go to Jakarta to see her guy friend that she knew through online games,” 


She continued to explain that the girl wanted to go to Jakarta with Rp 20 million (RM5,771), funds achieved after selling her fathers motorcycle, media reported.

The teenager was believed to be ‘rebellious and was content on meeting the guy she got to know but was discontinued from continuing her journey because her family found out about the incident after her video went viral.


Photo via Tribun News


“Actually, she still wanted to go to Jakarta, but thank goodness the video went viral and her family came to the airport to get her home. In addition to that, she also incidentally bumped into a teacher from her school. So finally she canceled her plans to go to Jakarta,” Monik explained.

The manager of Sultan Thaha Airport, Agus Supriyanto has confirmed that the teenager was a passenger that would take off on Tuesday.

Due to suspicion towards the ‘lost’ looking girl who was there without a guardian, Agus also had canceled her flight.

Her family from Desa Tangkit, Jampi reportedly took her home from the airport.

*Cover Image Credits: Tribun News

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