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“Eh, He’s A Boy??? 😲” Hilarious TikTok Captures Hairdresser Realising She Gave This Kid The Wrong Haircut

He pulled it off, though!



This is the cutest case of a haircut gone wrong!



Bila kau bawak anak kau pergi salon tp tak inform jantina anak🤣

♬ Oh No – Kreepa


This wholesome TikTok shared by Aimi Najihah made rounds on the Internet, amassing 70.7k views in less than 24 hours! She wrote a caption saying,


“When you take your son to the salon without informing anyone of his gender 🤣


The video shows the mother of 3 taking her son to a salon for a Raya haircut, where he gets his hair washed and later wrapped in a towel turban-style. Afterwards, a footage is shown of the boy getting a haircut that puzzled his mother. 


“This is when I started wondering, ‘Why does it look like a girl’s haircut?😅’” 


When the hair stylist was done with her son, the baffled mother commented, 


“It ‘s nice but why does he look like a girl?”


It was then that the stunned hairstylist said, “Eh, he’s a boy???” which prompted the whole salon to burst out laughing.


A user commented:


“This is the kind of heartwarming content that appeals to many… It’s an honest mistake.” 


The user also added:


“Which salon is this? If this goes viral, surely many would flock over there for services.”


Another user made a hilarious comment, saying,


“That kid: ‘Am I a joke?’ 😂😂😂


Although the little guy pulled off his stylish hairdo (looking like a mini Cleopatra), the hairstylist managed to transform the look by giving him a cool K-pop haircut just in time for Raya!


TikTok @jieha_adon


The video ends with a photo of the boy in a jersey at home, with the words: “Do I look handsome?”


TikTok @jieha_adon


Talk about versatility! Tbf, as long as you’re comfortable, you can rock whatever look you’d like! Style is fluid and there’s no gendering with haircuts, so you do you boo!


*Cover image via TikTok @jieha_adon 

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