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Here’s Why The ‘Law Of Attraction’ Is *Legit*

Ask, and you shall receive.



You ever want something so bad that you just have to have it?


Here’s the thing: whether or not you believe in miracles, you have to believe in yourself. Trust that if you put your mind to something, you have no choice but to follow it through. Your mind is a powerful thing — what you absorb is what you put out, and this influences your behaviour even in your subconscious. Every day, you are creating something. Your thoughts are spurring you towards your dreams. 


You might be sceptical. “But how does this work?” you ask. “I can suddenly write my own destiny now just by thinking about it?”



And that’s exactly it!


You must begin by empowering yourself, and then understand your role in changing your life is the key to creating miracles. The possibilities are infinite. Open yourself up to it. If you focus on the negative ‘gloom and doom’ aspects of life, you will simply drown in it. And yes, life can be pretty harsh sometimes but think of the great things that you can achieve.



Hundreds of years ago, the ‘Law of Attraction’ was theorised to have been taught to man by Buddha. It’s believed that he wanted everyone to know that ‘what you have become is what you have thought’, like that philosophical statement ‘I think, therefore I am’ by René Descartes. Author and life-coach Christy Whitman notes that, 


“We are all energy beings that send out energy signals all day every day. We send these out through what we say, do, think, feel and believe. All energy carries a vibration and those vibrations are met with (matched by) other vibrations of the same nature and that is how we create or attract things in our lives.”


Because when you smile at the world, the world smiles back at you. 


*Cover image via JHU Hub 

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