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Locals Argue Why Bahasa Malaysia Isn’t The Main Language For Interviews

“When you can’t speak English fluently during the interview, you get rejected right away. Why?”



A mass debate has erupted on Twitter that started with a tweet from @smfarhan_ asking why Bahasa Malaysia is not the standardized language for interviews.



“Interview session in Korea requires you to speak Korean. In Thailand you have to speak Thailand. In China you have to speak Chinese. In Malaysia you have to speak English or preferably Mandarin. Why? As if only then there is a standard? Bahasa Malaysia isn’t the standard? Emm. Okay.”


He continues to voice his concern in the thread.



You live in Malaysia, so learn Bahasa Malaysia. Being born in Malaysia, you must know Bahasa Malaysia. It doesn’t matter what your mother tongue is.”


Some of the locals supported his argument, saying that if the argument is not being fluent in the English language stops you from going into worldwide markets, why are other countries such as Japan and Korea successful despite using their national language?



“Oh my God, it’s so true!! Not only is English not our first language, but they (companies) also expect everyone to able to deliver the message in perfect English. When you can’t speak English fluently during the interview, you get rejected right away. Why?”



“The reality is that jobs do in fact prioritize English over Bahasa Malaysia. It’s embarrassing because it’s (Bahasa Malaysia) written as the national and official language, not English. But of course, they (companies) see Bahasa Malaysia as a language that isn’t on the same level. The mentality has to stop”.



However, this local countered the argument with his thoughts.



“The range of economic influence between Malaysia and Japan/Korea is too big. Thailand is well known for their tourism sector. If you want to prioritize Bahasa Malaysia, show its potential in important industries. Being fluent in more than one language does not equate to lack of patriotism.”


This user also shared the same opinion.



“Countries like China, Korea and Japan is metropolitan, they already have everything and don’t need to bow down to other countries. If you wanna deal with them, you follow their rules. If you wanna be like them, make Malaysia strong, then we can talk.”


Do you think speaking Bahasa Malaysia should be compulsory for job interviews?

*Cover Image Credits: Unsplash Headway
Twitter: @smfarhan_

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