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M’sian Exposes Scammer That Has Ripped Victims Off Of Possible Millions

“When she successfully collects the order(money), she will ghost them and entertain the next victim for a new one.”



With small businesses struggling to stay afloat, many are searching for ways to pump up their numbers. Every inch of help counts after all.

Recently, a fellow Malaysian took to Twitter to expose what he labels as a scammer that has ripped off her victims of possible millions.


Photo via Twitter/@KalifPo23


“Today I want to expose this girl who is talented in scamming bakers and the public to the point that even police can’t do anything about it. Cases go up to RM 20,000, heck even RM 100,000 with a modal of an Instagram account that ‘sells’ BISCOFF only. To the public, especially bakers, please be alert.”


@KalifPo23 explains how she does it in the thread.



“Her modus operandi is by using ads on Instagram and targeting buyers for Biscoff especially bakers. Even until now, the ads are still running even though many police reports have been made. This one (referring to the screenshot) is an example of one of the victims, and information received shows that the amount of the scam is not small.”


He continues to explain how people fall for the trap.



Photo via Twitter/@KalifPo23


“This girl is slick, she offers reasonable prices for her product compared to the current market price. The weakness of businesses, low-cost resources. So she ‘opens order’ for products and takes 100% of the money for bookings.”


Photo via Twitter/@KalifPo23


“When she successfully collects the order, she will ghost them and entertain the next victim for a new one. If you want to see yourself, just search “allaboutbiscofftaste” on Twitter or Facebook. So many have gotten scammed by her. If you count, there’s a possibility that it could reach millions of Ringgit.”


Another netizen shared a screenshot of her conversation with the scammer. She (victim) even made a police report about the incident. Unfortunately, the conversation shows that there was no response.


Photo via Twitter/@KalifPo23


This netizen brought up the scammer’s Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia details, to which their (SSM) account responded, telling her to email the case to their website.


Photo via Twitter/@KalifPo23


@KalifPo23 ‘s thread continued with him sharing posts of the victims’ experience.

To all small businesses, we advise that you be cautious when dealing with people who may seem ‘too good to be true’. Let us bring a halt to scammers.

*Cover Image Credits: Twitter @KalifPoi23

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