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Peaceful Digital Death Is Now An Option With This Feature…

Bizarre, yet necessary.



What do you do when a loved one dies, leaving their social media account behind?

Deleting the account might be too painful, as you have to bid farewell to precious memories and photos — but leaving them dormant might invite hackers to create trouble and use them for scamming purposes. Not to mention notifications you might receive, reopening your wounds if you are still adjusting to their passing.

For Facebook, you now have the option to ‘memorialise’ your loved one’s account instead of pulling the plug on them. This way, legacy contacts are able to write a pinned post for the memorialised profile, respond to new friend requests, and update the profile picture and cover photo. One important difference with a memorialised account is that NO ONE will be allowed to log into it. It also won’t show in ‘suggested friends’ notifications, and it won’t send birthday reminders.

And the word ‘remembering’ will be shown next to their name like so: 

About Facebook

Just like Facebook, accounts on Instagram can also be memorialised — and once memorialised, no one will be able to log into the account nor will it appear in certain places on the app, like Explore. The user’s photos and videos will stay on the account — making a perfect archive for memories — but no other changes are allowed.

Instagram @sushantsinghrajput

Last but not least, let’s not forget Twitter! This social media platform also only allows those with the required proof to make a memorial request – those in charge of the estate or immediate family. Once you’ve contacted Twitter, they’ll be in touch to ask for details including information about the deceased, a copy of their death certificate, and a copy of your ID to help prevent any false reports of death.


(Example) Twitter @wongmjane


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