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Toys That Will Evoke Nostalgia From Your Childhood

Why were we in such a hurry to grow up???



Oh, the joyful days of sweet innocence and broken crayons! Back then, it felt like the biggest problems we had were peas in our porridge or what colours we should choose for the dinosaurs in our colouring books. 

And before gadgets, we had actual toys!


1. Furby


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Originally released in 1998, Furby resembles a hamster or owl-like creature. This collectible toy is made in various designs and colours to fit the personalities of the audience. Little kids would treat their Furby like a pet — talking to it, petting it, and even putting it to sleep. And it’s really cute too!


2. My Little Pony


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Before there were various animated spin-offs of this toy line, My Little Pony began as a simple collection of pony figurines. What made these figurines sell so well is how unique each one of them is: each pony is painted in a different colour and with a ‘cutie mark’ on its flanks to reflect its personality. Originally intended for little girls, young adult males have also fallen trap to the charms of these ponies — we call them ‘bronies’.


3. Mr. Potato Head


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Even if you’ve never played with him as a child, you must have seen him on ‘Toy’s Story’ at least! An evergreen toy, Mr. Potato Head has stood the test of time as a family favourite. He comes with various detachable body parts — even eyes, ears, eyebrows and nose! Kids are free to build him however they like and with whatever expression they prefer on his face. He emotes pretty well, too! Now, in 2021, Hasbro has updated the brand to drop the honorific in the name and market the toy simply as ‘Potato Head’, while retaining the individual character titles as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.


*Cover image via Amanda 

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