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Twitter User Reduces Dr Amalina, A Specialist In England, To “Twitter Doctor”

“[She’s] not relevant to me.”



It all began from a discussion about the consumption of aspartame and the safe as well as necessary amount of vitamin C needed by the body. A Twitter user, seemingly confident in his knowledge regarding the matter, presented his opinions in a tweet.


“It’s not too much. 500mg is okay for the body, as it has sustainable release. The vitamin C will be held in the body for 8 hours before being released slowly. Excess vitamin C will be flushed away through urine. For your information, some fruits out there are not considered safe due to the usage of chemicals.”


Another Twitter user attempts to correct him by saying,



“Hey bro, 500mg is still wasteful. Your body can only process 70-100mg and the rest is flushed away. Isn’t it a waste? … [sic]”


Facing more rebuttals from the man, the Twitter user proceeded to share a tweet by Dr Amalina herself regarding the body’s ability to digest vitamin C. 



Seemingly undeterred, the man does not acknowledge Dr Amalina’s opinions and dubs her as “Twitter Doctor.”




“Sorry, I don’t accept sources from a Twitter doctor. Instead, I source from my friends who are actually doctors and are certified medical health professionals. Hahaha. Sorry, Dr Amalina is not relevant to me.”


This sends an outrage among netizens, who regard Dr Amalina as a highly-praised and acclaimed doctor. 




Dr Amalina was first known for her academics at only 17 years old when she scored excellent SPM results of 17 1As, a record number of 1As achieved by a student in the history of Malaysian education. She graduated as a doctor in July 2013 from the University of Edinburgh.


*Cover image via
Instagram @dramalinabakri
and Twitter

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