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Watch: Carjacking In Broad Daylight Sees Malaysians Band Together To Catch Culprit

“Macam tengok Fast & Furious!”



Two separate videos uploaded today by Twitter user @anthraxxxx, show a harrowing 2-minute and 45-second long chase to catch a thief, who had attempted to hijack a car in broad daylight on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.



The GTA-like incident appears to have taken place somewhere in Salak Selatan, Kuala Lumpur. It sees the owner of the car with the installed dashcam, following the carjacker. At the same time, other nearby cars also assist in the pursuit of stopping the suspect in his tracks. Eventually, the suspect is brought to a halt and a man emerges from behind the car, to bravely pull the thief out of the stolen vehicle. Others are also seen approaching while a lady (possibly the victim) passes a handphone over to the man who has a hold of the suspect, to (we assume) call the police.

Many netizens who watched the viral video expressed their shock over the incident, sharing mixed reactions. Most congratulated those who were at the scene of the crime for helping the driver of the (almost) stolen vehicle. One netizen questioned the car’s safety features, wondering if the car lacked an auto-lock system:



Another Twitter user was impressed with the communication between the heroes in the video:



There has yet to be more information on the incident, but it is a relief to see that those involved are safe and sound. 



On that note, always ensure that your vehicle is locked at all times. If you were to come across a similar incident, note down important details (time, place, number plate, description of the culprit) and phone the police. Prevention is better than cure, while first should always be a priority.



*Cover image credits: @anthraxxxx

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