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Watch: Delivery Riders Cheer Each Other On After Successfully Obtaining BTS Meals For Their Orders




Solidarity. That’s all that matters.


Following the BTS meal craze being sold by a famous fast-food chain company, fans of the K-pop band have been ordering the meal incessantly worldwide to the point where, frankly, it became reminiscent of the Hunger Games (although a lot less deadly). In fact, in Indonesia, so many riders swamped the outlets of the fast-food chain due to the overwhelming BTS meal orders to the point where 13 outlets are being closed over virus fears in the country.


But prior to that, a wholesome TikTok video managed to exhibit the hilarious antiques of these Indonesian online riders who were lined up in front of an outlet to pick up meal orders from the ARMYs. And while waiting, the guys decided to cheer on their fellow comrades who managed to graduate from the long queue with precious BTS meal orders in hand, ready to be delivered!



auto offbid haha #btsmeal

♬ original sound – domixus.123

The short video captured a man’s moment of glory as he raced down the aisle with said food order, waving his arms in excitement as his fellow online riders clapped and cheered him on. A man could be heard saying,

“Waaa, artis!

(Wow, you’re a celebrity!)”


Another man on the other hand could be heard saying,

“Anda berhasil, anda berhasil!

(You did it, you did it!)”


Harmonious laughter could be heard, as they await the next man to come out and celebrate his 15 seconds of fame. 

Faith in humanity? Restored!


*Cover image via TikTok @domixus.123

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