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Watch: Maybe He’s Just Lazy? Bird Hitches A Ride… On Another Bird!

My guy’s getting a free ride.



Maybe it’s his off day?

Sometimes we hitch a ride in a friend’s car or opt for e-hailing when it comes to traveling. I mean cmon, doing it alone can be tiring or boring, no? Well, we’ve recently discovered that this action isn’t exclusive just for humans.

A very odd 9-second video posted by Twitter user @buitengebeiden_ shows a bird hitching a ride on another bird as it flies, and it has taken Twitter by storm raking up an astounding 3 million views.

We can assume that the bird is just tired, or maybe it’s taking advantage of the other bird’s energy. We will never actually know though.

Netizens who saw this extraordinary phenomenon were unsurprisingly amused.

Honestly, we would, @towerguyjohn .

Another user shared a photo of an aircraft displaying the same sort of action.

Uncanny, no doubt.

While we’re here, let’s enjoy a compilation of all sorts of animals hitching a ride off various vehicles. Birds aren’t the only ones pulling off stunts!



Well when you can hitch a free ride, why spread your own wings, right? Maybe it really is his off day. Animals need a break just as much as humans!

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