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Watch: M’sian Flexes Impressive Education Certs Then Reveals Almost Decade Long Job In Retail

“…Such a waste for Malaysia when talents like this are abandoned.”



What a brilliant girl!

When we’re young, we choose to enrol in universities in order to achieve a better quality of life in the future. Education is the key to success after all.

Unfortunately, things don’t always work out that way. This TikTok posted by @suhailaaziz36 which was then shared on Twitter by user @shahfahzan shows a Malaysian that has achieved excellent results since her UPSR examinations, only to be working retail for an astonishing 8 years after completing all her studies.



“Instead of pursuing in the professional field, I’m stuck in retail for 8 years now.”


Photo via TikTok/@suhailaaziz36


But, if you feel as if this is a depressing fate, the Taylor’s University and The University of Nottingham graduate may not agree, seeming happy in the video.


Instead, the netizen that shared the video on Twitter explained a simple message in the thread.



“That’s why don’t degrade those who work in these fields, a mamak in Wangsa Maju from India studied well there, a potential engineer but he decided to work in a restaurant. It’s not that they aren’t brilliant, just no luck.”


This netizen shared their perspective as well.

“My experience at my factory. Most factory operators have incredible backgrounds, all have degrees, and some study overseas…”



“But because of desperate times, they’re forced to take whatever job is available. Such a waste for Malaysia when talents like this are abandoned.”


“At the end of the day, just do what makes you happy and stress free.”



This netizen, however, did not feel like this situation was justice for talented young Malaysians, telling others that it’s not fair to tell the creator to be grateful.



We’re sure many other talented Malaysians share the same faith of what some may call “underprivileged”.  Is it fair to tell them to be grateful for what they have?


*Cover Image Credits: TikTok @suhailaaziz36

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