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Fortnite Is Dead! Long Live Fortnite

Is Fornite officially over!



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If you’re planning to spend another 24 hrs battleing it out on fortnite, you might want to find something else to do.  During a live event ]entitled “The End” concluding Fortnite’s tenth season on Sunday, the universe of the game was obliterated, its entire map sucked into a black hole. But while fans might have assumed the game’s new iteration would immediately launch at least a trailer, anything! Something more mysterious is afoot. As of early Monday morning, the game is still gone and players fervently checking for its return are treated only to the ever-present hole.

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Meanwhile, Fortnite also erased its Twitch account, updated its Instagram with black hole pics and deleted all its tweets but one. You guessed it. It’s a pic of the black hole!

As for when the game will return, fans are trying to crack the mystery, the series of seemingly random numbers spotted floating in the void near the black hole, which at least is a fun distraction from the zero Fortnite they’ll be enjoying for the near future.

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Check the livestream of the black hole down below:

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